Is Real FX here to stay?

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Is Real FX here to stay?

Postby rege » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:17 am

I have a 4 cars from two sets of track. I had the problem where not turning off the car results in not being able to control it (after the batteries are replaced). Contacted support and they responded quickly, diagnosed the problem and sent a fix. I am very happy with that experience.

For me, Fx Racing is superior to and much more realistic than slots. The track has a few advantages and some drawbacks vs slots. For example, I can route nearly any configuration slot track I want cheaply but have to stick with what ever is available from Fx. That said, Fx sets up quickly and is kind of flexible but relativity expensive. All in all, I find it a pretty good setup and want to make a more permanent layout.

But..... Before I take down the slot layout and build an all new Fx setup I would like to hear what others think about the long term viability of this system. Also,any thought of repair parts or upgrades becoming available in the near future especially for wheels and tires and maybe a suspension and or better steering linkage on the cars. I am concerned because I don't read much about it, there seem to be few new posts on this board and none of the hobby shops in my area even know about Real Fx Racing let alone carry any accessories and I feel without much ability to improve the cars I might get board.
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Re: Is Real FX here to stay?

Postby fxlew » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:09 am

I know where you are coming from rege. None of the Hobby Shops here know anything about realfx either. It seems customer support is good though but by now you would think the out of box cars should not be having the same problems over and over. It is interesting that here people say customer support fixed the problems but there is no discussion on how that fix was done. I would think if there was a thread or two here stating how to fix a problem instead of depending on customer support, it would be helpful in the long run for everyone.
In order for this to be a long term hobby instead of just of a temporary toy, they will have to be make extra parts available instead of you having to buy a new car or controller to get those parts.
All in all though RealFX is only going to be what you and your friends make it to be. They are selling ok (it seems so anyway) so now it is up to you and your friends to buy those extra cars and extra track to get a sharing of parts somehow. Maybe a independent website for just that would be a good idea.
I returned my Realfx set a long time ago but I do agree with you that it is the future and I hope it keeps motoring on!!
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