Counter clockwise racing

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Counter clockwise racing

Postby Dash cohen » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:26 am

I created a nice track last week, and last night I mirrored it for a change of pace, then it hit me, I was told , you can't do this but yes I was running Nascar left instead of F1 right.
Also Hotwheels and Realfx are perfect together
Keep your axles clean
Use Painters Blue tape to keep the track slippage down, and it lifts off clean
Don't try to shoot video at ground level with a WIFI device on, it glitches the controllers
Buy through anyone but Hot they have no support in place at this time
I'm an old school slot guy and when I found this I was so happy ! this may be the future, if we can get support,
here's hoping
2 starter kits
2 expansion kits
1 Pro builder kit
5 cars, 3 custom paint jobs
A lot of Smiling faces and laughter
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