Real FX vs. Hot Wheels AI...

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Real FX vs. Hot Wheels AI...

Postby Tinus » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:57 am

Hi all,

just a few moments ago, i saw a Batman car cover on Amazon for Hot Wheels A.I. ... L1500_.jpg
This should fit on Real FX cars, because I bought an defect HW set only for the shells and they fit (not vice versa); but more interesting there is a controller expansion with new sounds: ... L1500_.jpg
and I wonder if this fits in the Real FX controller. But even more interesting, there is a picture with a real crossing: ... L1500_.jpg
Although we have a Real FX crossover, this seems to be more "natural" to me and I would like to have one. But there is no further information even at Hot Wheels...
I wonder if the Real FX cars firmware is aware of these double lines... I will test it. For my understanding, they switch off the automatic - may lock the steering - and switch it on again by crossing the second double lines...
So since the first sight of the Real FX product web page, I do not see a progress...

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