Real FX vs. Hot Wheels AI...

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Real FX vs. Hot Wheels AI...

Postby Tinus » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:57 am

Hi all,

just a few moments ago, i saw a Batman car cover on Amazon for Hot Wheels A.I. ... L1500_.jpg
This should fit on Real FX cars, because I bought an defect HW set only for the shells and they fit (not vice versa); but more interesting there is a controller expansion with new sounds: ... L1500_.jpg
and I wonder if this fits in the Real FX controller. But even more interesting, there is a picture with a real crossing: ... L1500_.jpg
Although we have a Real FX crossover, this seems to be more "natural" to me and I would like to have one. But there is no further information even at Hot Wheels...
I wonder if the Real FX cars firmware is aware of these double lines... I will test it. For my understanding, they switch off the automatic - may lock the steering - and switch it on again by crossing the second double lines...
So since the first sight of the Real FX product web page, I do not see a progress...

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Re: Real FX vs. Hot Wheels AI...

Postby twisted » Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:56 am

I so wanted to bid on the batman shell for my son, but it was just too expensive once postage tot he UK was factored in :(
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Re: Real FX vs. Hot Wheels AI...

Postby pacc » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:18 pm

The batman car is available from amazon in UK and germany aswell ... B01N1UJWDF
(the price may be due to the electronic module - which I think only would be compatible with hotwheels controllers)

Also found the "Arkham" trackset with policecar and batman becoming available in the US,
this set has its own special track which splits the road into two smaller alleys,
personally I hope for some longer turns again (and perhaps some bluetooth/phone bridge if mattel stays in for the long run)
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