More custom car settings

Where should WOW! head with this? No guarantees they'll listen, but lets do some brainstorming.

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More custom car settings

Postby DarkHorse » Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:49 am

Currently I've been using the stock v1.2 cars. I'd like to see more internal AI parameters exposed to configuration via the handset :geek:. It would be nice to store different car setups with the ability to exceed the handling envelope when desired whilst maintaining the AI control and guidance most of the time. Id like to custom tune a preferred aggressive car setup for particular track layouts. 8-)

Settings for steering override curve in AI mode. I notice that the higher the throttle the less steering throw offset is allowed. I'd like to be able to over steer and get the back end to step out more easily. At the moment I can only step the back end out by approaching a corner flat-out, turning in and let off the throttle to zero or hit full reverse. The over steer before a corner can help set the car up to better tackle bends. Or just be more fun when you screw it up :oops: .

Settings for all other useful AI parameters, sensor sensitivity, AI steering correction gradient/profile, independent front to back sensor settings (might be interesting to play with). See this related post titled thoughts on car IR sensors and control.

More ambitious changes:
Increase top speed of the cars, higher voltage cell configuration (7.2v nominal) with a regulator (to 4.5v) to maintain a constant performance through the pack voltage (being always above the regulated voltage).

Setting for max motor voltage to limit top speed and acceleration characteristics for novice users or twisty tracks. Depending on how much faster the top speed via regulated pack voltage was increased as mentioned previously. Otherwise there may be no point to this feature setting.

I’m sure there would be a few more ideas to consider once you started digging down into the details. Anyone have any more ideas or info?

What is planned for the future near term or may happen one day?
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